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Amir A. Al Kherainej

Diplomat Attache, State of Kuwajt
"I would recommend NeoVizia clinic in Bratislava to everyone searching the top quality ophtalmology care"
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Jaroslav Kling (38) - femtoLASIK

UN personnel
"“The medical examination was done by doctor Schreinerová and the surgical procedure by doctor Smorádková. I would like to express my gratitude to them. I can see everything in a way I could not have ever imagined before. Thank you.”"
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Mohammed Metwaly - femtoLASIK

Hotel top-manager
"„The morning after the surgery I felt like I was born with fresh new eyes. For the first time after all of these years, I was able to see every little detail. Suddenly, there was completely new world that has opened right in front of my eyes."
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Petra Kočišová and her colleagues from PWC -ReLEx SMILE

Employee at the PWC Company
"” I could spend the whole day without any problems when I was wearing them. However, I always used to say that when the technology of lasers will finally get to Slovakia, I won’t hesitate to go with it. Our colleague convinced us that it is painless, and that is why I made my decision.”"
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Eva Blahutová - ReLEx SMILE

Editor in Chief of the magazine EMMA
"„On Saturday I went to the hairdresser and on Sunday I could already go the Lady Gaga concert in Prague with my new 3D eyes. It was wonderful to finally see and not have to care about contact lenses. Since the surgery, I am enjoying every day. When there´s a commercial on TV, I remove my make up, brush my teeth and go back to the TV. Up until last week, my day had to end when I took out my contact lenses. "
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Ernest Stredňanský (83) LenSx – laser surgery on cataract

television and theater director, journalist, writer
"„I haven´t even seen such an amazing level of professionality and kindness at clinics in the USA, where I have lived and worked for more than thirty years.“"
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Maroš Kramár PRELEX

"I am a comfortable and lazy type of person. I like new technologies that can make my life easier. I wanted to know if the current era of modern technology already has a solution for my „multi- eyes"
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Kevin Singh- femtoLASIK

"I could not believe how much my life could completely change in the course of two hours!"
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Karel Trefilík cataract, PRELEX

The engineer
"Cataract was definitely complicating my life very much. My vision was always blurry, like through an aquarium, so I was really looking forward to the surgical procedure. When I finally saw the difference on the day after the surgery, I could not wait to have my second eye operated. Nowadays I can type a text without glasses, I can see the dashboard of my car when driving, and also see everything else around me and do not need any glasses. It´s simply a new life."
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Mr. and Mrs. Šarapatek PRELEX

The engineer/ economist
"“The result of the surgical procedure is amazing, I was able to fill out the questionnaire completely without glasses.” "
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