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Amir A. Al Kherainej
Diplomat Attache, State of Kuwajt

"I would recommend NeoVizia clinic in Bratislava to everyone searching the top quality ophtalmology care"


„I have been thinking of getting an eye laser surgery done for more than three years. I have studied all about the current surgical methods and technologies used prior to the surgery.'' 


I underwent eye examinations in Germany as well as Kuwait. But I have discovered an exeptional quality, state – of – art technological diagnostics and surgical equipment in  NeoVízia, Bratislava.

The reputation, experience and hitech technologies including femtosecond lasers were a key reason to choose Bratislava for my surgery. After the laser surgery, the quality of my life enhanced a lot. I am happy to have decided for NeoVizia Bratislava.

Due to its stare - of - art medical approach and a unique, professional and personal care. I would recommend the clinic to everyone searching the top quality ophtalmology care.“


Diplomat Attache, State of Kuwait, Amir A. Al Kherainej with his doctor and surgeon Adriana Smorádková, M.D.