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Maroš Kramár PRELEX

"I am a comfortable and lazy type of person. I like new technologies that can make my life easier. I wanted to know if the current era of modern technology already has a solution for my „multi- eyes"

 „I am a comfortable and lazy type of person. I like new technologies that can make my life easier. The implantation of multifocal eye lenses PRELEX has helped me get rid of my reading glasses as well as my regular glasses, which speaks for itself.“

I wanted to know if the current era of modern technology already has a solution for my „multi- eyes“. First, I consulted my regular eye doctor about a possible surgical procedure, when he was giving me a prescription for new glasses. I always wondered, why all the eye surgeons always wear glasses and do not have their dioptries removed. It seems like a symbol of distrust to me.

My doctor confirmed it for me, that the implantations of intraocular eye lenses are being done and have good results. However, he instructed me to wait another year or two, until eye surgery comes up with something revolutionary. So I waited. After a certain amount of time, I stopped by the private eye clinic in Petrzalka to ask around and find out, how the technology has developed. The primary physician, MUDr. Piovarci, who underwent a surgical procedure at his eye clinic himself, explained to me all of the newest possibilities in eye lens implantations. I already knew him from before and I trust his professionalism. He recommended PRELEX and for me, it was already decided.

„I did not feel any pain during or after the surgical procedure. However, the idea, that someone is putting something into the inside of my eye, was terrifying for me. I was very happy about the fact that the surgery only took ten minutes, Luckily, I am not claustrophobic and psychologically, I can breathe through the feeling of fear – the theater taught me that. I was, however calmed down by the fact that I was being operated on by one of the best Slovak eye surgeons, MUDr. Radovan Piovarci. Regardless of the fact, that I trust him as a professional, he is a man with a huge inner serenity, which  he also transferred to me.