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Treatment of presbyopia – PRELEX

Are you older than 40 years of age and have to hold the text you are trying to read farther and farther away from your eyes in order to be able to read it? You never needed a pair of glasses and suddenly you can´t see without them? If you want to get rid of your reading glasses, we have a solution for you – PRELEX. With the help of this intraocular surgical method, we can ensure you a durable vision into short, middle and far distances without the need to wear a pair of glasses.

Oční klinika NeoVize, léčba presbyopie PRELEX


Approximately after the age of 40, the human eye starts to lose its capabilities to accomodate and focus on short distances. This is where presbyopia sets in – the age-related need of reading glasses. Most often, patients notice it when small letters in a text blurry to them. However, they can still read them, if they hold the text farther away from their eyes. After a certain amount of time, wearing a pair of glasses becomes inevitable. 

A proven and safe solution with a stable result  - that is PRELEX. This non-laser surgical procedure is based on exchanging the human eye lens for an artificial multifocal or trifocal intraocular eye lens, which is implanted into the eye for a long- term use. With the surgical method PRELEX, it is possible to remove any number of dioptres into short and far distances.   



The artificial intraocular eye lens has to be made out of a high-quality material, which has to be able to ensure a long-term clarity ond stability of the eye lens inside of the eye, so that you can enjoy a sharp and clear view of the world.
Artifitial intraocular lens
At ourclinics, we mostly use multifocal intraocular eye lenses AcrySof IQ ReSTORE and trifocal intraocular lenses AcrySof IQ PanOptix (both made by the American company Alcon) during the surgical procedure PRELEX. These lenses are approved by the European Union as well as the controlling institution for food and drugs in the United States of America, the FDA. 


The surgical procedure PRELEX is an outpatient procedure that takes approximately 15 minutes and is completely pain free without requiring any anasthesia because the eye is numbed by eye drops. On the second day, the patient can see on the operated eye normally. The surgery of the second eye is usually performed in the next 4 days after the surgery on the first eye. 

PRELEX is also a method of prevention treatment – patients, who have had a PRELEX surgery have no risk of developing cataract and have a significantly lower risk of developing glaucoma. Therefore, PRELEX is a great choice for patients, who have a combined high degree of a refractive error and an existing family predisposition for cataract or glaucoma.