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Aspheric ocular lens

Seeing clearly and sharply, even under bad lighting conditions – that is the goal of an apsheric ocular lens.

An aspheric intraocular lens improves the quality and sharpness of the patient´s vision under unsatisfactory lighting conditions:

  • In fog 
  • During twilight 
  • At night
  • At sudden illuminations (for example the lights of an oncoming car)

Do you drive during twilight or at night very often? Do you perceive a worsened vision in fog? The you should choose the above – standard aspheric intraocular lens AcrySof® IQ, which:

  • Is made out of a high–quality hydrophobe material, which ensures a long–term transparency of the ocular lens and a high–quality vision acuity  
  • Includes a so–called yellow filter, which protects the retina from harmful UV- light, which leads to various diseases of the retina  

Oční klinika NeoVize, vidění s asférickou čočkou