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Toric ocular lens

Seeing clear contours, straight lines, corners at right angles, the thinnest hairs or fur hairs of your beloved pet – all of this is impossible for an eye that is suffering from astigmatism. With a toric ocular lens, it is no longer a problem.

If you suffer from astigmatism, use the unique opportunity, which will not come around again. Decide for the premium toric intraocular lens during your cataract surgery. Thanks to the toric intraocular lens, you will get rid of your astigmatism and your cataract in one swift motion during a single surgical procedure. 

How do you see the picture with astigmatism and without it?  

Oční klinika NeoVize, vidění s astigmatismem Oční klinika NeoVize, vidění po korekci astigmatismu torickou čočkou

And how is the picture projected onto the retina by an eye with astigmatism and without it?   


Vidění s astigmatismem

Vision with astigmatism 

Ostré vidění bez astigmatismu

Sharp vision without astigmatism  


The implantation of a toric intraocular lens is useful for: 

  • A high degree of astigmatism
  • Astigmatism combined with another higher refractive (dioptrical) error  
  • A cornea that is not suitable for a laser surgery    
  • Patients older than 45 years of age   


During the surgical procedure, the surgeon removes the natural ocular lens out of the lens capsule, which does not fulfil the requirements for a high–quality vision acuity anymore. It is replaced by an artificial intraocular toric lens. This rids the patient of their astigmatism completely. However, if the patient also suffers from myopia or presbyopia (near-sightedness or farsightedness), they will also require a pair of glasses in the future. This way, it is possible to remove astigmatism during a cataract surgery. The solution of astigmatism with a toric intraocular lens is long – term and very predictable.