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Trifocal and bifocal ocular lens

A world without the dependence on glasses is prettier, more magical and more comfortable. Are you standing before the decision, which intraocular lens to choose? Choose the best one. 




A world full of colours, clear and clean shapes, a world filled with light.  





Our experienced surgeons and the most modern premium bifocal or trifocal intraocular lenses will make it possible for you to see the world around you without glasses. You have a unique opportunity to get rid of your cataract and your dependence on glasses with one single surgical procedure. Use it! 



From the point of view of modern ophthalmic surgery and the patient´s comfort, the bifocal or trifocal ocular lens represents the best possible solution.

You can choose a premium multifocal intraocular lens, which will be implanted into your eyes during your cataract surgery. These lenses offer a high–quality vision acuity in the whole spectrum – from far vision, to the middle, all the way to the near vision. Simply said, you will not need glasses any more. 


At our clinics, you can always be sure that you are getting the best possible solution at the highest level in the world.

For surgical procedures on cataract, we use exclusively intraocular lenses from renowned global companies. The result of the surgical procedure does not depend only on a skilled surgeon, but also on a high – quality intraocular lens that is being used. 

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At our Eye Clinics, we use the most high – quality premium intraocular lenses on the market: