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Kevin Singh- femtoLASIK

"I could not believe how much my life could completely change in the course of two hours!"

The twenty- year old student, Kevin, suffered from myopia and switched between glasses and contact lenses.

“Glasses have always bothered me, especially during sports, I do taekwondo and also go to the gym. That´s why I used to wear contact glasses, but it was not an ideal solution. Once it has even happened to me that the contact lens fell out of my eye and I lost it,” Kevin explains the reasons why he chose to undergo a laser surgical procedure.

“Before the surgical procedure, I was a little nervous, because I did not know what I was getting myself into. I was really surprised by the fact that the whole procedure was completely painless. I was fully functioning as soon as two hours after the surgery.
Then he adds: “These two hours have completely changed my life!”