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Július Gelžinský- ReLEx SMILE

"“Never in my life have I had so many examinations performed on me, and after the conversations with the personnel, I was sure that this clinic is not only set out for their patient´s money."
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Chantal Poullain LenSx – laser cataract surgery

Actress, singer
" I can also see colors much brighter and I see well into both short and long distances. This and the high quality work of the eye clinic basically made my decision for me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone again for a very high quality care and professionalism. "
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Tran Dac Ngoc Há

"Everyone was nice and very helpful."
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Ernest Stredňanský (83) LenSx – laser surgery on cataract

television and theater director, journalist, writer
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Katarína Letavajová , strabism- removing surgical procedure

" “Adults have always reacted completely normally to my handicap, but children often couldn´t. They didn´t know which direction I am looking in and were confused. Aside from that, I just had a son, so I also decided to have the surgery for his benefit as well,” explains Katarína. “"
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