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Why should you choose one of our clinics?

Why should you choose one of our clinics?   

The decision to get rid of your glasses or a serious eye disease is a uniquely important matter. Choosing the right surgery, performed with the best technology and by skilled surgeons can give you more than perfect eye sight. It can positively change your life from the ground. Why should you undergo your surgery at one of our clinics? Because we do our work with the maximum amount of professionality, knowledge, drive, conviction and especially joy. And also for all of the following reasons.  


The power of a 160-members strong Czech and Slovak team      

Our patients are cared for by a strong professional team of 160 members including eye doctors, surgeons, optometrists, nurses and medical assistants. The experts at our clinics NeoVízia Bratislava, NeoVize Brno, NeoVize Český Těšín, DuoVize Prague, OCP Prague a Kukátko Prague work closely together and collaborate regularly. Their extensive experience, including working internships and programmes in the USA, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries is used in a stable working environment at our clinics.   


A 20- year- long tradition in eye surgery   

The activities of your eye clinics are building on the experiences of the medical director and co- founder of our clinics, MUDr. Josef Hycl, CSc., who was also one of the founders of the Czech and Slovak laser surgery and intraocular eye surgery, which he was active in since the year 1993. MUDr. Hycl was the first doctor in the Czech Republic, who performed a laser correction of eye sight with the help on a femtosecond laser (London, April 2006) and started the routine use of the femtosecond laser Zeiss VisuMax (9/ 2008). As the first one in the Czech Republic, he performed a laser surgery on dioptries on a child, using the method LASIK (2006) and with the help of a femtosecond laser (femtoLASIK, Brno, 10/ 2009). 


We are forming the trend in the Czech and Slovak eye surgery 

It is a matter of professional honor for us to bring every top proven method, which can make the work of the surgeon close to perfect and bring new advantages to our patients. Even though we use the newest world renowned methods for diagnostics and surgical procedures, we never experiment and we do not trust „new“ methods. We are the first to bring procedures to Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which have been proven through long- term practice at renowned clinics around the world. We were the first to: 

  • Remove cataract softly, without a scalpel, using the femtosecond laser LenSx (DuoVize Prague / NeoVízia Bratislava – April 2012) 
  • Remove reading glasses with the help of the revolutionary method of the corneal implants Raindrop (NeoVízia Bratislava / DuoVize Prague – May 2014)
  • Remove dioptries with the soft and pain free method NeoSMILE 3D exclusively using the femtosecond laser (NeoVize Brno / NeoVízia Bratislava –?)
  • Start removing dioptries with a femtosecond laser Slovakia (NeoVízia Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (NeoVize Brno)  
  • Implant phakic intraocular eye lenses (NeoVízia Bratislava - October 2010)
  • Implant 6 mm Kerarings after the diagnosis keratoconus (NeoVízia Bratislava – September 2011) 
  • In Slovakia (NeoVízia Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (NeoVize Brno) to start giving our patients a life- long guarantee on their laser surgeries without any additional charges
  • In Slovakia (NeoVízia Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (NeoVize Brno) to start performing laser surgeries with the femtosecond laser on children  


We have extensive experiences with the femtosecond laser    

Our clinics have the longest experiences with removing dioptries with the pain free femtosecond laser. 
The founder and medical director, MUDr. Hycl, was the first doctor in the Czech Republic, who performed a laser correction of eye sight with the help of a femtosecond laser (London, April 2006) and started the routine use of the femtosecond laser Zeiss VisuMax (9/2008).   
Our Slovak eye clinic NeoVízia is the first eye clinic, which has been removing dioptries with a soft femtosecond laser since the year 2010. The primary physician, MUDr. Radovan Piovarči, is the first Slovak eye surgeon, who removed dioptries with a femtosecond laser. MUDr. Adriana Smorádková and MUDr. Miriam Záhorcová are the first women – surgeons who are continuing in his foot steps.
The eye clinic DuoVize Prague and NeoVízia Bratislava are the first Czech and Slovak eye clinics, who are removing cataract with the help of the femtosecond laser LenSx.   


We have performed more than 45 000 eye surgeries   

Up until October 2014, we performed more than 45 000 surgical procedures on eyes, as well as 200 000 examinations at our clinics in Bratislava, Brno, Prague and Český Tešín. 


We do not operate on everybody 

Our goal is reaching perfect eye sight in our patients, not to try to achieve the highest number of patients we operated on. Despite our top diagnostic and operational techniques, after the detailed initial examination of the eyes, we cannot recommend a surgical procedure to 15 – 20% of our patients. These data are consistent with the data worldwide. The removal of dioptries cannot be performed safely and with a guaranteed perfect outcome on every patient. 

A precise 3 – hour – long  examination is never performed on the day of the surgery 

From our medical point of view, it is unacceptable for a patient to undergo the initial examination and the laser surgery during the same day. The standard is a 48- hour window. For the doctor to examine you really thoroughly, he needs to look at your eyes during the so- called mydriasis and cycloplegia. The patients at our clinics undergo a three to four hour- long precise examination, at the end of which, we can offer him an individually tailored surgical procedure from our broad portfolio of operations.   


We will „tailor“ your operation exactly to your needs 

There is no surgical technique in existence that would be universally suitable for everyone. If the clinic is only offering one (for example a superficial) operative method, a part of their patients will be lasered incorrectly. Only surgeons, who have two or three different laser surgical methods at their disposal, can tailor a surgical procedure exactly to their patient's needs. At our clinics, we offer our patients all available, proven and safe surgical methods in existence (laser and/ or intraocular). Thanks to this, we are able to „tailor“ the surgery exactly to the patient's needs. 


 99% of our patients would recommend us to the people they are closest to   

In an internal research, we have received a feedback that has made us very proud. 99% of our patients who have shown us their confidence and underwent a surgical procedure at one of our clinics, would recommend us to their closest friends and family. Thank you all very much.       

 We trust what we are doing 

At our clinics, we have complete confidence in what we do. A removal of dioptries with a femtosecond laser or another surgical procedure has already happened to more than 30 of us – including doctors, optometrists, nurses, receptionists and our family members. One of us is also the primary physician of the Slovak eye clinic NeoVízia Bratislava, MUDr. Radovan Piovarči. „It is a huge help to me, professionally. My patients are asking me about details that I could never answer just as a surgeon. Thanks to femtoLASIK, I can also provide my point of view as a patient, describe everything that they will feel during the procedure and calm them down if they are experiencing some fear. 


We were the first eye clinic to start to offer our patients a lifetime guarantee for laser surgeries without any additional costs 

We have so much confidence in the quality of our work, that we are offering our patients, who undergo the surgical procedures ReLEx SMILE and femtoLASIKa free lifetime guarantee.  If, at any point in your life it becomes necessary to fine- tune the dioptrical state of your eyes with an additional laser surgery, our eye clinics will offer you this surgical procedure free of charge and cover the costs.