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FemtoLASIK is a highly individualized procedure, “tailored“ exactly for the needs of your eyes. The examinations, the surgical procedure and the postoperative care are all carried out with your individual needs in mind.     

An accurate, painless and safe surgical procedure with long-term results. That is femtoLASIK. It is a laser surgical procedure during which two precise and fast lasers are working on removing the refractive error of your eye – a femtosecond laser VISUMAX 800 and an excimer laser MEL 90.    

In the first step, the femtosecond laser VISUMAX 800 creates a protective flap with a soft and precise laser ray – completely painless and without using any sharp instruments. The femtosecond laser VISUMAX creates a flap with a special locking edge, which will fall firmly into a locked position after the flap is flipped over. The bond is very strong and there is no danger of any movement of the flap.   

In the second step, the surgeon uncovers the flap and the excimer laser MEL 90 removes the specific number of dioptres, based on a very accurate digital map of your eye. Consequently, the eye surgeon covers the flap again. The surgical procedure takes place on both eyes at the same time and you will spend approximately 15 minutes in the operating room.



The femtoLASIK laser surgical procedure is extremely safe, painless and it brings about stable results. The vision after a femtoLASIK procedure fulfills the strictest requirements on sharpness and clarity. This can be confirmed by our doctors (including Radovan Piovarči, Eva Jerhotová), nurses, receptionists and other employees of our clinics who have already undergone this surgical procedure. At our eye clinics, we simply believe in what we are doing.