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Lifetime guarantee

What types of surgery include lifetime guarantee in their prices?

ReLEx SMILE and femtoLASIK surgeries provide excellent and stable results on a long-term basis.

Should you need to correct the dioptric condition of your eyes through another laser surgery in your life, our Eye Clinics will provide the surgery for free.

The actual technique of how ReLEx SMILE and femtoLASIK surgery is done, creates favourable conditions for simple additional surgery that does not stress the patient. The additional surgery is undergone by approximately 4% of the patients - especially by those with originally more serious disorders.


How shall I justify the entitlement to the guarantee after a longer period of time?

In the case of the ReLEx SMILE and femtoLASIK surgery, you will be given a certificate guaranteeing lifetime laser care. Keep the certificate safe and submit it should you have another surgery. The entitlement to the lifetime guarantee has been carefully recorded in your medical documents. Another evidence of the entitlement to the lifetime guarantee is the receipt of payment for the surgery; the entitlement is mentioned there.


Does the guarantee apply when the number of diopters increases due to the progression of the disorder in a relatively long time after the surgery?

Yes, it does. The guarantee does not distinguish whether the diopters have been caused by the insufficient effect of the first surgery or by the simple progression of the disorder.