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The new era in laser eye surgery

The new era in laser eye surgery

NeoVize Eye Clinic belongs to a couple of chosen eye clinics in Europe which offer VISUMAX 800. Superfast laser of the newest generation from German company Carl Zeiss.

The newest model VISUMAX 800 brings new possibilities not only for patients but also for the surgeon. The laser is even more compact, faster, and more comfortable. The new femtosecond laser VISUMAX 800 reduces the active time of the laser to incredible 10 seconds. The patient does not have time to even move or worry about looking into one place.

Thanks to VISUMAX 800 even patients who were not recommended for laser surgery before due to the results of their pre-surgery examination can undergo the surgery now. That was due to the technological limits, not medical ones. Now with the new model, the situation changes.

It is due to this femtosecond laser that the surgery is gentler to the cornea which results in the surgery being faster, safer, and painless. With the recovery period being only a few days.

VISUMAX 800 is 3x faster than the previous model and it is also the first robotic laser on the market.

The robotically assisted system ensures more comfortable and, above all, safer handling in terms of decentring and rotation while coding with the eye. This results in the possible complications which were appearing extremely rarely to appear even less often.

Due to the innovations in laser VISUMAX 800 is the monitoring of the movements of the eye even more improved. The procedure is done solely by the laser itself. Patients can choose the tune and colour of their favourite light, which can help them can get rid of the remaining fear. Part of the laser is a LED technology with incorporated ambient light.

The laser also has both arms robotic, so the patients do not have any claustrophobic feelings. The patient will lie down on the table above which will, due to the robotic arms, the laser move. It is not necessary to move the patient, only the arms of the laser are moving, to get in the position. That causes even more comfort and safety for the patient.

VISUMAX 800 also has 3 cameras (from above, from the side and for the surgery itself) which allow the surgeon to have a great overview.

Almost the whole surgery the laser performs by itself. It will dismantle dioptres straight in the cornea where it will make a cut approximately 2 to 3 millimetres long. The surgeon will afterwards with very gentle hands remove a part of the cornea in the shape of a small disc. That is called lenticula. It is the part with the dioptres or astigmatism which was necessary to remove. The cornea stays whole and solid. The patient can normally function in the evening of the surgery day and can return to active sports after seven days.

With this new laser, it is possible to remove even keratoconus.


This laser was developed with the help of the most modern technology with a focus on the biggest comfort of the surgeon during the surgery and it was based on the experiences with the previous model. The biggest advantage of the new laser is its incredible speed. The frequency of laser pulses of 2Mhz led to the reduction of the surgery time to less than half of what was capable of the previous model. The flap in the cornea VISUMAX 800 creates in less than 5 seconds (femtoLASIK surgery) and surgery NeoSMILE PRO with the use of the laser method ReLEx Smile Pro takes less than 10 seconds. The time of the laser surgery is reduced to mere seconds which is an extreme difference in comparison to the previous laser.