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Intrastromal corneal rings - kerarings

At our clinics we specialize in a modern and proved method -  the implantation od intrastromal corneal rings -  kerarings. This method is useful at a stage where the keratoconus is already worsening the patient´s vision acuity. With the help of the kerarings, we can achieve a flattening of the cornea and stop its further arching forward. Usually the method is successfully combined with the CCL method. 

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The corneal rings, kerarings, can be implanted in patients with a keratoconus diagnosis at the NeoVízia clinic since September 2011. „Kerarings can often prevent, or at least postpone a corneal transplantation. They improve and level out the cornea´s form, soften its curvature and as a side effect, improve the patient´s vision. A few months after the implantation, they alleviate the refractive error and the astigmatism. In addition, the kerarings are reversible. That means that if the patient´s state requires it in the future, they can be gently extracted from the cornea,“ explains MUDr. Adriana Smorádková, who specializes in the treatment of this disease. Since January 2013, we offer our patients a new innovation – the implantation of kerarings with the help of a femtosecond laser VisuMax from Carl Zeiss. „This new method speeds up the whole operation, and ensures an even more perfect precision, safety and gentleness. The femtosecond laser can replace the work of a mechanical knife. The opening to the corneal tunnel, into which implant the keraring, is only created by the laser when using this method.