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Laser Intraocular Surgery - LenSx

Intraocular Surgery with the use of the femtosecond laser – LenSx   

During the course of 40 – 50 seconds, the laser smashes the intraocular eye lens, creates an opening in the lens case, creates incisions in the cornea and removes astigmatism with the help of the corneal incisions. 

There is currently no other laser that has an FDA and CE certification for creating corneal incisions, incisions in the cornea that correct astigmatism or creating the circular incicion in the lens case in order to smash the eye lens. 

The whole surgical procedure with the use of the femtosecond laser LenSx is directed by a computer and completely individually tailored to the needs of every single patient. The surgical procedure is planned by an eye surgeon with the help of the integrated eye tomograph (OCT), which can precisely portray the inner structure of the eye. 

The main advantages of the laser are the following: 

  • safety 
  • accuracy 
  • the surgeries are tailored specifically for every individual eye   
  • a quicker restoration of vision 
  • without a scalpel 
  • robotically directed surgery   


The laser LenSx has undergone an extensive approval process of the US- American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is approved for regular use in surgical procedures. 


Approval for clinical use: 

  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) since the year 2009  
  • Capsulotomy (8/2009)  
  • Corneal incisions (12/2009)  
  • Laser fragmentation of the eye lens (4/2010)  
  • Creation of a locking flap (10/2012)  
  • The European Certificate CE (2/2011)