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The phakic eye lens ICL

Are your glasses too strong and a laser surgery is not suitable for you? We have a safe and proven solution with a stable result for you.


Oční klinika NeoVize, Fakická čočkaHigh degrees of refractive errors – myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, which were unresolveable up until a short time ago, can now be safely and permanently removed at our Eye Clinics. We can now offer our patients intraocular phakic eye lenses.

The intraocular phakic eye lens can remove practically any number of dioptries, since it is implanted into the eye in front of the eye lens. It can stay inside of the eye for an entire lifetime and does not require any care or attention from the patient. It is durably placed inside of the front chamber of the eye and therefore it fully replaces glasses or contact lenses.

The surgical procedure is performed in an operating room, but is an outpatient procedure and takes approximately 10 minutes. The procedure is completely pain free without requiring any anasthesia because the eye is numbed by eye drops. On the second day, the patient can see on the operated eye normally. The surgery of the second eye is usually performed in the next 14 days after the surgery on the first eye.

At our Eye Clinics, our experienced doctors, who have a lot of experience with the implantation of phakic contact lenses, will recommend a type of eye lens for you, that will correct your refractive error in the best way possible and will fulfill your expectations from your vision the best.