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Astigmatism is so called cylindrical eye defect caused by an irregularly shaped cornea.
A healthy cornea has a regular spherical shape, and the light, passing through it, refracts in all directions and levels evenly. In case of astigmatism the cornea is more curved on one level. The light falls on areas with a bigger curvature and so it is refracted in a different way than in the areas with a smaller curvature. Therefore the rays of light do not connect into one focal spot on the cornea, but they miss each other.

So the picture focuses unevenly. On one level it can be blurred, whereas on the other one it remains sharp. This significantly decreases the quality of vision. Astigmatism can also lead to increased eye strain or headaches.


Fortunately, the modern methods can eliminate astigmatism effectively. The irregular shape of the cornea can be solved by a laser surgery, when according to an exact 3D map of the eye, the laser precisely shapes the form of the cornea. This solution is efficient for patients up to around 40 years old. Another delicate solution is an implementation of a toric intraocular lens, which corrects the defect from the inside, while the cornea remains intact, thus achieving an exact refraction and impact of the rays on the retina. Implantation of a toric lens is an ideal solution for patients suffering from cataract and astigmatism, who will have their clouded lens changed.


Thanks to a new navigation system VERION, the eye surgeons in NeoVízia can implement toric intraocular lenses with an absolute accuracy. „We use a very accurate navigation system during our operations, which enables us an absolutely precise cornea intervention and only where it is necessary. And thanks to VERION system this opportunity emerges for the first time also with intraocular operations.“ describes MUDr. Piovarči.


Using a picture controlled navigation system VERION significantly eases the operation and improves postoperative results by implanted intraocular lenses.