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Procedure Description EUR

Pre-operative examination

A complex pre- surgical medical examination executed by the team of ophthalmological experts (doctor, optometrists, medical assistants) with the help of state - of - art diagnostic facilities. 

ICRS (keraring)   The surgical method of keratoconus treatment with the implantation of kerarings with the help of the femtosecond laser  VISUMAX.   1.870,- 
CCL (CXL)   A  method of keratoconus treatment – strengthening the cornea, with a combination of riboflavine and UV  radiaton.   640,-
Adjustable sutures in strabismus surgery
A surgical treatment for squinting with the method of the adjustable sutures  



Blepharoplasty   A plastic surgery of the eye lids. The price includes the surgical procedure on both upper eye lids, including one check up.    460,-
An intraocular injection – treatment of the retina /ARMD An intraocular injection of the active substance bevacizumabe.  140,-
An intraocular injection – treatment of the retina /ARMD with Eylea Intraocular injection – treatment of Retina (Eylea) 1.150,-


At our clinics, you only pay for what you see on our price list. We never charge for any hidden extra costs. In case of surgical procedures, the price list states the price for 1 eye.