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Adriana Smorádková, M.D.
Ophthalmologist, surgeon

Adriana Smorádková, M.D.

Dr. Adriana Smorádková focuses on the diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma, diagnostics with the help of the OCT machine (OCT TZN and macula), performs SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty), LI (laser iridotomy) and in the area of cataract, she performs YAG (YAG capsulotomy). She also focuses on diagnostics and performs laser surgeries with the methods femtoLASIK, PRK and LASEK. She also focuses on the diagnostics and treatment of keratoconus, performs CXL- surgeries and implantations of corneal rings (kerarings) with a femtosecond laser.    

Education and practice:

  • 1995: graduate of the Medical Faculty of Comenius University
  • 2000: 1st grade specialization examination in ophthalmology
  • 2006: 2nd grade specialization examination in ophthalmology
  • 1995-2002: Eye Clinic of the Ružinov hospital
  • 2002-2006: Eye doctor at PCZ Slovnaft
  • 2006-2010: Eye doctor at Euromedix, ProCare and Lasalus
  • 2010 up to now: doctor and surgeon at the NeoVízia Eye clinic


Dr. Adriana Smorádková and Dr. Miriam Záhorcová are the first Slovak eye surgeons, who performed an ophthalmic surgery with a femtosecond laser.

Dr. Smorádková has attended a number of conventions and training courses in Slovakia and abroad. She holds the certificates for Lasik, femtoLASIK and the implantations of kerarings. She is a member of the Slovak Medical Association and the Slovak Ophthalmologic Society.