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MUDr. Smorádková held a lecture in London

MUDr. Smorádková held a lecture in London

Our whole team is also especially proud of our doctor, surgeon and expert in the treatment of keratoconus, MUDr. Adriana Smorádková. As a chosen representative for Europe, she held a lecture on the topic of the sclerical lens Esclera for her colleagues. It is an important supplementary treatment for patients with keratoconus and an irregular cornea. We are also following the world trend in implanting corneal rings for patients with the diagnosis keratoconus. „For implanting intrastromal rings, the number one all over the world are the kerarings, which we also use at our clinics. We are very happy to hear that the most renowned clinics all around the world are using them as well.“

A precise diagnosis is 'In'  

„In London we have confirmed, that we use the same processes in diagnoses and the process of choosing the right surgical or treatment method as the most renowned clinics around the world.