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A revolution in the treatment of astigmatism: NeoVízia is opening a Centre for the treatment of astigmatism

A revolution in the treatment of astigmatism: NeoVízia is opening a Centre for the treatment of astigmatism

A revolution in the treatment of astigmatism: NeoVize Brno and NeoVízia Bratislava have opened a Centre for the treatment of astigmatism.

„Approximately 60% of our patients are suffering from astigmatism in the extent of 0.5 or more dioptries. They come to our clinic to get treated for myopia, presbyopia or cataract and mostly don´t even have any idea that they are also suffering from astigmatism,“ explain the primary physicians of the eye clinic NeoVízia, MUDr. Radovan Piovarči and  the eye clinic NeoVize Brno, MUDr. Věra Kalandrová. 
„That is why we have decided to open a specialized Centre for the treatment of astigmatism, which was, until now, missing completely in Slovakia. Thanks to the investment into the new navigational system VERION, our eye surgeons are able to correct this often diagnosed eye error with a perfect accuracy,“ adds MUDr. Piovarči.

A precise solution in 3 steps  
VERION Image Guided System from the US- american company Alcon is revolutionary for intraocular surgery. It makes it possible for surgeons to implant the toric intraocular eye lens with a perfect precision and easier than ever in three simple steps:
PORTRAYAL: the measuring unit VERION first measures and portrays the refractive error with perfect accuracy
PLANNING: after that, the system VERION calculates the ideal correction of the error with the help of an intraocular lens
NAVIGATION: in the operating room, VERION projects navigational lines directly onto the patient´s eye, which helps the surgeon to place the implanted eye lens into the eye with perfect precision and accuracy


„We are talking about a revolutionary input of navigational technology into intraocular surgery. With the help of VERION, we can map the corneal curvature exactly, plan the direction of the placement of the eye lens and thanks to the projection of navigational lines directly into the microscope, the surgeon knows safely, where to place the eye lens inside the eye. It reminds me of the navigational systems for airplane pilots a little,“ explains the new technology MUDr. Radovan Piovarči.


„Up until now, we had to implant the eye lenses using only hand drawn lines, without any navigation or other digital support. However, the new system VERION makes the surgical process a lot easier and on top of that, we can be sure that the lens is placed in the eye with perfect accuracy, which means that it will correct the refractive error, as well as the patient´s astigmatism with maximal efficiency,“ adds the primary physician of NeoVízia, MUDr. Radovan Piovarči.