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The pre-operative examination before a laser surgery and an intraocular surgery

The pre-operative examination before a laser surgery and an intraocular surgery

The result of the laser surgery – your flawless vision, depends to a great extent on the quality of your entry examination. Based on the results of the entry examination, your doctor will be able to recommend the best care and method for your eyes.     

Before underfoing the entry examination, you must not wear contact lenses for at least 5 days. Contact lenses can deform the surface of the eye, which would make it impossible to measure all of the important parameters, which can greatly affect the whole surgery.    

The entry examination before a laser surgery is very detailed and can take more than two hours, but it is completely painless. However, we do need to make sure you are aware of the fact that you will not be able to drive after the entry examination.    
During the entry examination, our specially trained nurses will examine you, followed by our experienced optometrists in the following fields:  


  • vision acuity   
  • thickness and curvature of the cornea   
  • width of the pupil   
  • binocular vision  


A professional eye doctor will examine the state of your retina and eye lens right after your pupils have been dilated after the application of the eye drops. Every single corner of your eye will be examined with the help of the special slit lamp very precisely. Afterwards, the doctor will recommend the best solution for your vision. During the whole time, our professional personell will be at your disposal in case you have any questions.